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One Step Closer
It's 18 years ago, an icy-cold winters day in South Africa. I was out with a few good friends on a game farm riding motorbikes.

The last bike ride of the day becomes life's toughest journey . . .

I was riding on top of the mountain through thick grass, when I struck a rock in the bush and the unthinkable happened: I flew over the handle bars landing with my entire body weight on the back of my head, impacting and snapping my neck.

I tried with every ounce of strength in my body to get up . . . but I couldn't move. The most excruciating pain hit me in my trapezius muscles.
There was the panic. The helicopter airlift from the farm.. over the mountain range. Cardiac arrest in the helicopter. The race to reach the hospital . . .

I slowly started to regain consciousness after the first week, only to be welcomed by the complete loss of movement, sensation and control.

A dozen pipes were connected to my body and I was being fed intravenously.
Unable to find my next breath and trusting desperately in a supernatural one, I managed to somehow grasp sufficient oxygen for the next few seconds. The fight for survival and deep struggle magnified, as I gradually found air supplemented by a ventilator.

I wanted to scream out for help . . . only to find I had no voice . . .

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