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About Anthony
Born to be a leader, and Head Boy of Potchefstroom High School for Boys, Anthony excelled at both academics and sports and boasted a list of bursaries and awards.
Then, a freak motorbike accident left him paralysed from the neck down

Life dramatically changed course for this 3rd year student studying a B.Com Logistics Management degree. Further to life’s battle with paralysis, which no higher education can prepare you for, he decided to still return to university to complete his degree orally, graduating with 4 out 6 distinctions. It would often take Anthony 45 minutes to turn a page due to the limited movement in his arms and no movement in his hands. He had to restructure his mind to accommodate the new way in which he studied and retained information. This due to him not being able to write or take notes.

RAU offered Anthony a Bursary to continue studying whilst daily rehabilitating and working. He further obtained his B.Com Honours Degree 'Cum Laude' in Logistics Management over a 2 year period.

He was welcomed into an honorary academic society viz. The 'Golden Key International Honorary Society' which affords top scholars in their respective fields the opportunity to further his/her academic career at exclusive universities across the world.

Harnessing the power of his good communication and tenacity, his message is a global one.
Anthony challenges you to get onestepcloser towards:
  • A better life by shifting your thoughts
  • Empowering yourself through mindset changes
  • Gratitude
  • Improve your employee productivity and business relationships,
  • Increase sales through a motivated workforce.
Those that have tried to start their own businesses or held corporate positions will testify to the challenges and difficulties faced. Anthony will, however, challenge these views and offer his unique perspective on what it really takes to get that onestepcloser in the business World and life in general.  

Anthony, after spending 72 days in ICU, 8 months in rehab and coming back from the dead - with what others would term life ending disabilities - had no choice but to start his own talks, having exhausted both his medical aid and all his financial resources. Anthony had to do daily rehabilitation of 8 hours a day for 2 and a half years. He has progressed with daily visualisation and intense physio to strenghten his arms and has now learnt to drive a car again after 9 years. 

You may also BOOK ANTHONY KAIRUZ to speak at your company and corporate events.

Sharing the infinite possibilities that one can overcome adversity and achieve your goals and fulfill your ambitions against all odds!

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