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Rand Merchant Bank
Posted By: Anthony 2011/06/12

Rand Merchant Bank Audience feedback..

Posted By: RMB AudienceDatetime: 2011-06-12 19:56

What will you do as a result of this motivational talk? • Develop a sense of gratitude for all that I take for granted. Focus on achieving my dreams • Live to be the best • I will take the first step to registering for my degree that I have been putting off for years • Focus , as anything is possible • Get more people thinking about what each one of us can do to make RMB a place of opportunities for people with disabilities • Appreciate the smaller things in life that I would ordinarily take for granted • Maintain positivity • Appreciate – show gratitude • Reflect everyday on how privileged I am and how easily I take things for granted • Stay positive and be grateful • Be positive everyday • Work towards my goal – anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it • Be more appreciative – Focus more on goals • Be positive about life • Remember to not take small things for granted • Set my goals • Focus, define goals, and remember a positive mindset can achieve them. Set realistic goals. Do not let others define my reality • List my goals and stay focused • Focus – remain positive What did you like best about this motivational talk? • The blatant honesty. The most amazing fight – so contrasted to my life • It was very inspirational and positive • Realizing how courageous he is but also enhanced how unfocused I have been and full of excuses • The power of positive thinking and the realization of how blessed we are • It was clear, crisp and to the point. It made me think about things we take for granted • The honesty, how hard it was to overcome & the display of strength to conquer what happened. I liked his humor • How humbling it was, makes you think about what you have in your life • He knows what he is talking about. He acknowledged difficulties and ability to not dwell on the negative • What a truly inspirational speaker he is • He is amazing – a true leader and inspiration • Anthony made us realize how blessed I am • The honesty • His sense of humor and detailed descriptions • He’s talking from experience and that makes it easy to understand and learn from • This was a “real” talk. Anthony has lived the journey • Anthony’s attitude • To remain positive is key What will you tell others about this motivational talk? • The reality check every person needs • More and more people need to attend the course, truly inspirational • His life story, they will feel inspired and also tell others from what I have told them • Life can be harder, count your blessings and don’t take anything for granted • Great, a must • That it was very inspirational • There is no end until God has said/commanded otherwise • Not to let obstacles weigh you down • Your attitude is what determines your altitude • Great story, shows one the importance of mental strength and knowing what you want • I’ve learnt that we let ourselves get limited by our circumstances and we don’t have the right mindsets • FOCUS • Great message • Don’t let anyone else place limitations on you Anything else you would like to share? • Thank you for all the effort you have taken to share your story with us • Excellent motivational speaker that puts life into perspective • Life changing talk. He changed my views • Thank you for having such a positive attitude in life and sharing your life story

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